• Nicollet Mall

    Construction for a new Nicollet Mall will include features that prioritize the space for pedestrians including trees, enhanced sidewalk spaces, improved lighting, and places for everyone to enjoy the mall. The Nicollet Mall Project stretches one mile from Grant Street at the south to Washington Avenue at the north. The northern and southern ends of the project will include dense greening known as the Mississippi Woods and Loring Woods, respectively, and will converge into areas of greening known as groves before reaching the center of Nicollet Mall featuring the Light Walk and Art Walk.

    Nicollet Mall between Grant Street & Washington Avenue
    Beginning Project Date:
    Project Completion:
    Construction Company:
    Meyer Contracting
    Recent Updates:
    Curb-pouring has begun on the block between 9th and 10th streets, and continued sidewalk and irrigation work is being done to the south. The blocks at Grant Street, 12th Street, 11th Street, 10th Street and 9th Street are all under construction, and currently the stencil work that will create patterns throughout the sidewalk areas along Nicollet is being administered. Substantial concrete completion of these blocks is targeted for the end of 2016.